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A Walk to the Market

The 500 Franc note, the lifeblood of the DRC. It takes bucket loads of these notes to get stuff done here.  This note which is still in fantastic condition compared to the other notes in my wallet.  Value a whopping $0.40.  I have a 50 000 Franc note in my wallet. Don’t want to spend it because it makes me feel loaded. 🙂

I must admit is was a bit of a let down when I got to the Market for the first time with a pocket full of money and they took it all. The 2 small bags of veggies seemed a bit light for all that cash.
VegieStandThe Market – 2 tables with 4 ladies shouting “Meesta, Meesta”. They are almost desperate to make a sale so I make a point to get something from each of them. It is all very rural.

I must be quite a sight for the locals being white and heavily tattooed. There are not many white people here that walk around or do their own shopping. It is the kind of environment where people with money have people without money doing everything for them. I don’t like this, rather get out and make stuff happen for myself. Specially now that I am blogging, great to have some interesting subject material.

Makemba1Quite an interesting post on these Huge Bananas (Makemba)

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