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People don’t roll over and die.

I wanted a message to post with my Easter well wishes to you all.

ChildworkingThis is a post about survival – not lack, not child labor, but rather it is a message about triumph and success.
While walking through the streets of Kolwezi, taking in the noise, smells and textures of the ground, looking for a topic for today’s post, I saw these kids and thought, AH HA! I know what I am going to write about today.

I started planning my Human Interest Article about poverty and pictured being interviewed on CNN for the great work I do. However, after some thought I realized, that is just not me. I don’t want to write about poverty and misery.

So here goes…
As we sit in our offices, studies or houses, hitting the internet with fervent passion, we assume the role of creator. We create wealth, relationships, followings and movements. We are important and respected, loved, or in some cases, hated. Our ideas are relevant and informative. What fun – We have lives filled with substance. We live in castles and have lands. Sitting where you are right now while reading this, take a moment and think: What if I lost my job or my ability to create wealth? What would go through your mind?

    • How would I pay for my home?
    • How would I pay for food and clothes for my children?
    • How would I get from point A to B?
    • How are we going to live?

These are a few of my questions. Although I don’t know how to even begin answering them, I look at the photos in this post and hear the words “PEOPLE DON’T ROLL OVER AND DIE”. I realize that I won’t and my family won’t ether. We are all winners, survivors and creators! The Bible actually suggests that we were created with the same kind of creative ability as God Himself.

These little children call hard labor in extreme conditions normal. Isn’t that incredible? Doesn’t that give you hope? It is by the grace of God that you were born in a different time and place to these people and it would be by the same grace that you could rise out of any circumstances that you may find yourself in.

How many of our heroes come from rock bottom? Greatness is definitely spawned from disaster, lack or desperation. In fact, I honestly believe that it is our comfort that consistently keeps holding us back.

My Easter wish for you is that you keep pushing! Don’t settle, and don’t fear failure. Tell yourself, I WILL NOT ROLL OVER AND DIE! I am a creator, a survivor and a winner!”

I just want to give a special shout out to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savoir. Without You I would surely have not survived my life of drugs and crime. You will always be the ultimate Hero.

Thank you kstorm for helping me edit this.

Love and respect.