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Huge Bananas (Makemba)

An Interesting Food Review. While in Congo do as the Congolese. Hopefully this can be our Good Friday treat. This Incredible fruit is locally know as Makemba (Swahili) when I asked what does Makemba mean the reply was “Banana”. Go figure. I am writing this post while the food is busy being prepared. I have no clue what to expect. Certainly not the most appetizing looking thing in Gods creation is it? Makemba Pealing Watching our cook peal this thing reminds me of Sugarcane, it is a hard, tough almost unapproachable thing. Starting to be, not so excited for this meal. Interestingly enough the flesh inside is almost solid and smells like nothing. I am not expecting this to taste like a sweet desert anymore, that foolish notion has passed. The way to prepare Makemba involves the very simple process of frying. Mmmm fried bananas, nice. wpid-simg20140418124501.jpg Wow! I didn’t expect that. This stuff tastes just like fries! In fact I am not sure if I could consistently tell the difference between homemade chips or this stuff if blindfolded and asked to identify which is which. Makemba cookedjpg   To make the most of this dish I decided to use Chili Aromat, Tomato Sauce and Mayo. Yep, mayo on chips is awesome!!! I can honestly say that Makemba is a delicious, heavy and fantastically filling side that would quite comfortably compliment most meals. This would even work well underneath a stew or curry instead of rice. I should imagine that Makemba is high calories and energy. Kinda feels like I have just eaten a brick. This will probably keep me going for hours. Tummy is pleased. This was definitely worth the walk to the market. wpid-simg20140418122602.jpg Thanks you for reading this review. Have you any experience with this interesting food? Would love to hear about it.