Bird of Paradise Flower – Strelitzia

This post was inspired by the consistently excellent work of Don Charisma. Go check out his post. Red And Yellow Flower. This is the South African version of that plant.

This incredible flower is from the plant family “Bird of Paradise”. I am pretty sure that the name comes from its resemblance to the remarkable flying creatures.

I took this photo while staying at a very dodgy guesthouse in Orkney South Africa.

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100 Days of Blessings

This is a very cool guy and blog.
Great idea friend!

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Breathe This Life


It has been a little over a hundred days….about 3 months since I started my “Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude.” Recording 5 daily gifts I am thankful for, I can look back, jubilant for 500 blessings in my life!

Although I began 2014 eager to live passionately, I must admit that by February I had sunk back into my daily monotony of laziness. To avoid general and redundant “thankful” entries such as “nice day today” or “interesting tv show,” I pushed my activity level. I decided to make a list of accomplishments I wanted to be thankful for….and did them.


Identifying the gifts abounding, both big and small, my perspective changed. Now, each day I challenge myself to take advantage of every joyous opportunity while taking the time to quiet my soul and refect on the less extravegant moments. Some examples are cooking a big meal or finishing a work…

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Mikes Kitchen Main Road Bryanston (Review)

It is so good to be back in sunny South Africa! In case you haven’t been following, I have just returned home from a 23 day trip in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Very interesting place, I did a few short posts covering some of my movements while there. They should be easy enough to find if you are interested 🙂

Right! Let’s get to it.
My in-laws are a fantastic bunch of people who really enjoy eating out together. Some time over Easter they all visited Mikes Kitchen for a meal and decided that this would be where we celebrate my 39th birthday – Which I totally missed being up in Africa.

We got to the place a little early, which was nice and enabled me to take a few photos without people all over the place. Somehow people get quite uncomfortable with heavily tattooed guys taking photos of them. We booked a table for 12, under this huge oak tree and next to the very secure kids play area. There are a number of “minders” constantly watching over your children while they play.

For the kids:

    • Small track and pushbikes.
    • Jungle gym.
    • Nice spacious open-sided indoor area with decent screens and PlayStation consoles.
    • Completely fenced in and secure facilities

I have no idea what the childrens menu looked like because my boys didn’t even sit down. They had an absolute ball and anyone with young children will agree that if the kids are happy everyone is happy.

The inside of the place is upmarket and very nicely decorated. During the day the lighting is fantastic!
Between the 10 adults we ordered a pretty wide range of main courses. No fish today, but we had Fillet, chicken and lamb on the table. What can I say? It all looked incredible! In fact, I had to be quick to get a few photos before everyone dug in.
I ordered a Fillet Perini – This 300g steak was smothered with a dark yellow topping of Peri Peri chicken livers. To be honest, my writing is just not on a par to give the absolute perfection of this dish any justice. The vegetables I ordered on the side were a perfect compliment to the meal and the few chips I grabbed off the plate next to me finished the meal off nicely.
Everybody loved their meals.

An interesting thing about my family is that we normally eat and leave, sometimes people would get up and go before everybody is finished. This is not some dysfunctional behavior but we really do eat as a family a lot. So when people have something else to do, there is no pressure to stay at the table.

At Mikes Kitchen under the big oak tree the vibe was so good that we even stayed for dessert.  Mmmmmm, the Bar One Delight! For those that are not from around here a Bar One is South Africa’s version of a Mars Bar. It’s the chocolate bar your granddaddy used to eat. Just one of those things that have been around for ages.

Imagine that fried in phyllo pastry, nice and hot and very gooey delicately placed on a serving of Ice-cream with a cherry for effect.
We all totally loved this meal. The service was great and the vibe was brilliant. I am looking forward to my next visit, big time!

Value for money?
10 main courses
3 Desserts
2 Kids desserts
Drinks and 2 hours of fun
@   R1400 or $140
You decide?

Thanks for reading my review.

As always.
Love and respect.

Praying Mantis

This is the biggest one that I have ever seen. Totally deserves a quick post.

Are you ready for one of the funniest words ever? In Afrikaans, which is the second language spoken here in South Africa. A Praying Mantis is called a “HOTTENTOTSGOT”. How cool is that? I wish I was involved in naming some stuff 🙂 No wait, I wish I could hear you trying to say that out loud. LOL.

These photos were taken in a hurry so please don’t expect too much.
This one was actually quite friendly and was totally unfazed with me picking it up and looking at it.
Named Praying Mantis due to its praying like stance or more likely for it’s deadly hunting style. You decide?
On a happy note. After mating the female bites the males head off. I suppose that is one way to keep a guy faithful.

As always.
Love and respect.

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Who doesn’t love Sunflowers?

This is a bit of a redo. However, I think these photos are worth it.
This sunflower field lies next to an abandoned Gold mine in Welkom South Africa.mine1
Welkom is an old gold mining town or city situated in the Freestate province. When driving in these parts, it is incredible to see how many gold mines are scattered all over the landscape. The concrete tower in this photo is called “the headgear”. This houses the huge pulleys that feed the cable used for the lift system. The lift is commonly known as a cage.

As always, thanks for reading
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My Take on the MotoGP.

A great post, well worth a read.

From the Pen of Gazza!

I’ve followed the Top level Motorcycle racing scene for as long as I can remember.


The last couple of years has been a bit of a boring time as there was no real “personality” at the top … Rossi (one of my all time fav’s) had an injury and then went onto a bike that he just could not master.

Last year and this he is back on Yamaha and doing a lot better. BUT up comes a little guy Marc Márquez … little more than WOW has to be said about this guy. Just go and read a little in the link I put on his name – you’ll be rather amazed.

Yesterday’s race (Argentine Grand Prix) Vale came 4th with Marc winning the race.

I have to say that at this point in the technology – (as it was last year) it seems as if there is just…

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A dry river bed in Namibia

I took these on the road between Rosh Pinah and Swakopmund in Namibia. It is quite a long uneventful drive that mainly consists of sand and dust. It is hot and dry with temperatures going as high as 40 degrees Celsius. This is an unforgiving place. A breakdown here could put you in serious danger of dehydration and over exposure to heat.
After hours of nothing, the road gets a little bumpy and there is a sudden bend. Around the corner I find myself surrounded by color and the sounds of Cicada Beetles and birds. Totally AWESOME!
What an awesome place to have a pit stop. There is a cool breeze blowing that makes the heat bearable. No people for miles, quite an incredible feeling. The feeling that all my money, stuff, contacts and loved ones are in this moment totally irrelevant. I have no cell phone signal and I am truly alone. All I have are memories and stories and a longing to be home that is constantly with me.
On the road again.

As always.
Love and Respect

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