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A walk to the Bulldozer

The first part of this walk involved finding a taxi that would make the trip to the market, then to the gate of the mine without falling apart. It was a very bumpy road with the shocks bottoming with a bang every time we hit a bump. BTW the roads are all bumps.
This is the market, I had to pretend that I was talking on the phone when taking this photo. There were loads of police all over the place just waiting to make a buck of anyone for any arb thing.  Photos, a big no no. Can you believe that we were able to pick up a genuine Caterpillar oil filter at this place for only $50?
Finally, the walking part of this post. This is the team carting all the kit we need to get the repair done. We will probably only need a size 12 spanner for this job but it is such a mission to get to the machine, better to be over prepared. These guys are as tough as nails. I have real respect for the team up here.
This dump site goes on for miles, I saw an opportunity for a decent photo. I really like this shot, just random, colorful and full of stuff to look at. Did a few things in Photoshop to make the colors pop a bit but not bad for my Samsung.
I just love the huge machines that litter the copper mine. They have all made their millions, and now have settled down for retirement. Towering over most things just keeping their eyes on the movement.
Closing up after a hot and dirty oil change. This machine is much happier now and the lights on the dash reflect this.

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A Walk to the Market

The 500 Franc note, the lifeblood of the DRC. It takes bucket loads of these notes to get stuff done here.  This note which is still in fantastic condition compared to the other notes in my wallet.  Value a whopping $0.40.  I have a 50 000 Franc note in my wallet. Don’t want to spend it because it makes me feel loaded. 🙂

I must admit is was a bit of a let down when I got to the Market for the first time with a pocket full of money and they took it all. The 2 small bags of veggies seemed a bit light for all that cash.
VegieStandThe Market – 2 tables with 4 ladies shouting “Meesta, Meesta”. They are almost desperate to make a sale so I make a point to get something from each of them. It is all very rural.

I must be quite a sight for the locals being white and heavily tattooed. There are not many white people here that walk around or do their own shopping. It is the kind of environment where people with money have people without money doing everything for them. I don’t like this, rather get out and make stuff happen for myself. Specially now that I am blogging, great to have some interesting subject material.

Makemba1Quite an interesting post on these Huge Bananas (Makemba)

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A walk around a Copper Mine.

Quite an interesting place a copper mine. Being the DRC, the  taking photos is very risky, specially on a mine. The place is scattered with huge machines that are just left to rot where they stand. The reason for this is that it costs more to remove old equipment from this place then to replace the machines back in South Africa. Most companies make their money and just leave their kit on site.74918_1402460946634071_83029581_n

Malachite, this stunning stone is scattered throughout Kolwezi.


One of the pits on the mine, these are simply huge!


This is a core sample from one of our drills, these samples are what the geologists use to determine where to mine and  what the life of the mining will be.


An old derelict, there are many machines like this just rotting in the elements.


A brilliant rock, also an excuse to show off some of my tattoos