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Christmas Rock – South Africa

Hi Everyone!

I know it has been years. How are you all doing???

Here is a little post about a place called Christmas Rock on the East Coast of South Africa. Please go easy on me as I am a little “blog” rusty so, I hope that you like it.


What a fantastic break! Definitely well worth the 1000 Kilometer drive from Johannesburg to the Eastern Cape. I find with small kids its best to drive at night as much as possible, have breakfast on the way and chill on the first day if possible 🙂

The Christmas Rock itself used to be a caravan park which closed down about 30 years ago. Probably because of it being very secluded and off the beaten track.  The people who owned stands there stuck around and built houses and it became the community it is today. Consisting of lots of friendly old people that have had way too much sun. The village is surrounded by nature reserve there is no room for the community to grow,  get taken over by holiday makers or become commercialized. This is awesome if you want to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. I simply loved it here.

Christmas Rock Starfish
My son holding some Starfish and shells he found on rocks

The beaches go on for miles and miles with practically no people in sight. There are also scattered rocky parts that are filled with life and color. We even caught an Octopus!

Christmas Rock Beach Sunset

It is quite incredible how standing on a quiet beach can give you some perspective.

Christmas Rock beach and rocks
Stunning day on the beach lots of Shells in the sand.
Shells on the beach
I told you that there were lots of shells
Christmas Rock beach from up on the hill

As Always.
Love and respect.


Praying Mantis

This is the biggest one that I have ever seen. Totally deserves a quick post.

Are you ready for one of the funniest words ever? In Afrikaans, which is the second language spoken here in South Africa. A Praying Mantis is called a “HOTTENTOTSGOT”. How cool is that? I wish I was involved in naming some stuff 🙂 No wait, I wish I could hear you trying to say that out loud. LOL.

These photos were taken in a hurry so please don’t expect too much.
This one was actually quite friendly and was totally unfazed with me picking it up and looking at it.
Named Praying Mantis due to its praying like stance or more likely for it’s deadly hunting style. You decide?
On a happy note. After mating the female bites the males head off. I suppose that is one way to keep a guy faithful.

As always.
Love and respect.

Huge Bananas (Makemba)

An Interesting Food Review. While in Congo do as the Congolese. Hopefully this can be our Good Friday treat. This Incredible fruit is locally know as Makemba (Swahili) when I asked what does Makemba mean the reply was “Banana”. Go figure. I am writing this post while the food is busy being prepared. I have no clue what to expect. Certainly not the most appetizing looking thing in Gods creation is it? Makemba Pealing Watching our cook peal this thing reminds me of Sugarcane, it is a hard, tough almost unapproachable thing. Starting to be, not so excited for this meal. Interestingly enough the flesh inside is almost solid and smells like nothing. I am not expecting this to taste like a sweet desert anymore, that foolish notion has passed. The way to prepare Makemba involves the very simple process of frying. Mmmm fried bananas, nice. wpid-simg20140418124501.jpg Wow! I didn’t expect that. This stuff tastes just like fries! In fact I am not sure if I could consistently tell the difference between homemade chips or this stuff if blindfolded and asked to identify which is which. Makemba cookedjpg   To make the most of this dish I decided to use Chili Aromat, Tomato Sauce and Mayo. Yep, mayo on chips is awesome!!! I can honestly say that Makemba is a delicious, heavy and fantastically filling side that would quite comfortably compliment most meals. This would even work well underneath a stew or curry instead of rice. I should imagine that Makemba is high calories and energy. Kinda feels like I have just eaten a brick. This will probably keep me going for hours. Tummy is pleased. This was definitely worth the walk to the market. wpid-simg20140418122602.jpg Thanks you for reading this review. Have you any experience with this interesting food? Would love to hear about it.

A walk in the DRC




I went for an evening walk around the streets of Kolwezi. It is a funny place, people get into trouble for taking photos. I had to take these discreetly. I have heard horror stories of people getting hauled to prison for taking pictures without permission or cash to pay for the problem to “go away”.

It was a fantastic walk…