South African Rhino Poaching

Hi Friends.

Great to be on holiday and have some time to pick things up a bit on TherandomG. It is a rainy day here in Durban but my excited boys insisted on going for a walk along the promenade anyway. That is when we stumbled across this…

This is Lucas standing next to his creation, a pretty nifty sand castle. Shot with a Pentax WG II
Stop Poaching Rhino, shot with a Pentax WG II

Lucas comes down to the beach everyday and builds his display. I am hoping that he changes it up a little while I am here so I can take more photos of his work. It seems like a lot of labor just for the right to put a bucket on the floor and rely on tips from passers by. I really hope that people support him and he makes a decent living from this. I think it’s fantastic!

As for South African Rhino Poaching, I must admit that I am embarrassed and angry at the whole state of affairs regarding the demise of this awesome creature. I mean, the various initiatives and events dedicated to saving the Rhino must have generated millions by now and still we have lost 588 animals this year alone. What about the thousands of guys running around with guns that would probably shoot a poacher on site? Pity we can’t pay them some of these proceeds to go put a few heads on poles. That will show the bastards.

Lastly to all those that are dedicated to the conservation of the Rhino. TherandomG solutes you, I hope that this and surrounding governments actually catch a bit of a clue and exercise a little leadership and get you the support you need. I wonder what our army do all day long? Dangit, do we even have an army?

OK that’s it for this one.

As always.
Love and Respect.


3 thoughts on “South African Rhino Poaching”

  1. I have to agree with you on the lots of guys running around with guns.

    It’s one thing to shoot/kill for food it’s totally another thing to kill for a piece of an animal to be sold into a “fantasy” medicine that in fact does NOT do what it’s proclaimed to anyway.

    How come they don’t hunt flies and mosquitos – I’m sure they could extract the same fantasy from their wings 🙂

    – Hey I hope you and your family have an awesome holiday by the sea.

  2. Good on Lucas for making tourists more aware.

    It really is sickening. First it was elephant tusks, and now rhino horn. As long as there is a market for this, sadly, God’s beautiful creatures will suffer. I personally feel that if each of us does our little bit (buy a rhino bracelet and proceeds go to the Save the Rhino foundation) in any way that we can, we can make a difference.

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