G’s Opinion on Weight Loss (25 Kgs down)

This post is in response to OM’s HRChallenge

First off, I would like to qualify my opinion with the fact that I have just lost 25 kilograms in 3 months and have been totally free from my daily medications for over 2 months. I believe “Healthy” is the correct term for my current condition. Please note I am not an expert and my thoughts are based on ridiculously positive personal results only.

It started out:
I went on a Wheat Grass fast a few months ago and this process has totally transformed the way I see nutrition. For most of my adult life I have struggled with my weight and couldn’t achieve anything that would last. Now I know why – my perspective and views on food had to change, like the need to consume food for fuel.

Food for fuel:
Sounds right doesn’t it? I don’t think that it is. Using food to directly fuel your body would imply that the human body functions like a petrol engine. Fuel in, then, energy out. But wait, there is a huge difference between the two. A petrol engine does not have the ability to redesign its fuel and store that product as fat. The process of getting your body to burn and use its fuel correctly is the key to weight loss and morbid obesity.

Sugar for fuel:
This is the reason why I was fat and rapidly heading towards sugar diabetes. I constantly fed myself with refined carbohydrates and sugars like I was an addict. I couldn’t get enough. An all-consuming hunger would rear its ugly head multiple times every day. The problem is that I was trying to treat my body like a petrol engine: feed, feed, feed then run then feed, feed, feed. I was totally ignoring the mechanism designed to store and burn fuel.

Fat for fuel:
So, my body is producing fat / fuel and storing it! All I need to do now is get my system to start burning this massive fuel stockpile. How can I possibly need a meal or snack when I am carrying 35 kilograms of readily burnable fuel? How can I be hungry? It doesn’t make sense. Feeling like I am starving to death at least once a day is the strongest sign that I am in serious trouble health wise.

The conversion:
A few tweaks to my motor and my body should purr like a tiger kitten. In theory, if I stop eating completely my body will start burning up it’s fat reserves and I will get thinner and thinner until I eventually starve to death. To me, his theory makes perfect sense but how to execute it without starving to death is the big question? I mean I would much rather be fat and sick then dead, for sure.

(Side Note)
In another 10 kilograms I will publish exactly how I achieved this and thrived at the same time.

Acid consumes and kills:
Acid – the root cause for all health issues and the ageing process. Well that’s what I believe anyway. I have discovered a few truths about the human body. Like the way all energy and movement is a result of electricity. This means that your body / blood has to be a certain PH to generate this current that powers your central nervous system. Just like a car battery, if the PH is wrong you are dead. Imagine a situation where you are charging your system electrically at the same time as nourishing it. Yes, there is a way.

An acidic system is home for all sorts of nasty critters that demand sugar and other acid activities like coffee and alcohol. Cutting down on the acidity in your system will pretty much put an end to these cravings, or at the very least greatly suppress them. By default your system should crave healthy things. If you aren’t, it is another warning sign that you might be in trouble. Are you craving junk or are you craving good things? You can tell a lot about your health by what you crave.

The bloods protection system:
Once the human body gets too acidic, the red blood cells begin to coat themselves with a thin layer of fat for protection. A bit like those long-distance swimmers who use Vaseline to protect themselves from the cold water. I can just imagine what kind of impact having fat in your blood stream has on one’s general well-being. This is terrible! Your blood is protecting itself from itself – you have to fix this fast!

Your body is happiest burning fat instead of sugar. You should be running on energy reserves instead of burning fuel on the go. You should have loads of energy at the end of the day. This energy is already in you and not reliant on what you ate half an hour ago

 Wrapping up for now:
This is a huge subject and I have so much more to say regarding all these points and many more but for now I hope that this information has wet your appetite for more of my thoughts and findings regarding my journey to divine health. I will definitely post more on my results and how I achieved them soon. 🙂

As always
Love and respect


15 thoughts on “G’s Opinion on Weight Loss (25 Kgs down)”

  1. Great Job on the Loss!!! Keep in mind that the core of the fat burning system is the digestive system followed by the liver.

    By taking probiotics there is a proper balance of the bacteria needed to properly break down and absorb nutrients.

    By feeding yourself right you provide the material, but to increase the efficiency of the process and accelerate is to have a probiotic regiment.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

  2. I totally agree. Many modern societies are completely focused on food, over indulgence and quick fixes. This a recipe for health disaster. We are now living abroad again, where we don’t sit all day in air conditioning, although we like it for sleeping; and the first thing we always notice when we are here is that we rarely get truly hungry. We don’t indulge on large meals very often and when we do it is usually the only one of that day, other than perhaps some fruit or quick snack. I just told my husband I really believe it burns energy just fending off the heat. We feel leaner and of course are far less sedentary here. I love your ideas.

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