Praying Mantis

This is the biggest one that I have ever seen. Totally deserves a quick post.

Are you ready for one of the funniest words ever? In Afrikaans, which is the second language spoken here in South Africa. A Praying Mantis is called a “HOTTENTOTSGOT”. How cool is that? I wish I was involved in naming some stuff 🙂 No wait, I wish I could hear you trying to say that out loud. LOL.

These photos were taken in a hurry so please don’t expect too much.
This one was actually quite friendly and was totally unfazed with me picking it up and looking at it.
Named Praying Mantis due to its praying like stance or more likely for it’s deadly hunting style. You decide?
On a happy note. After mating the female bites the males head off. I suppose that is one way to keep a guy faithful.

As always.
Love and respect.


19 thoughts on “Praying Mantis”

    1. Hey Friend,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      They are quite common in Africa. I found this one yesterday in Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo but we get lots of them near Johannesburg. They seem to eat a lot of spiders. Hate spiders…

  1. Beautiful creature.
    Yes s/he’s huge and so happy to just park off and be with you.

    My sister is a crazy woman – she has all sorts of creatures on her small farm – but let one of these dudes into the house and she freaks out. Goes absolutely hysterical. It’s fun to watch actually – but hey what are brothers for 🙂

    1. Hi friend!
      If I read your blog correctly you are in the Cape?
      Do you get Parktown Prawns that side of the world?

      I must do a post on these, I think the Americans call them “Corn Crickets”

    1. Thanks for the read friend!
      The eyes are quite captivating somehow. No matter where you are in relation to it’s head there are always 2 little black dots staring directly at you, as if you are the only thing on earth.

  2. I love these insects, and have them in my garden quite often, and being a fellow South African can pronounce the Afrikaans word with ease. The photos came out fine. Many of the spiders the female kills the male after breeding, as well. thanks, mooi loop, best wishes, Charles.

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