How do you rate your blog?

I would love to start up a conversation on this subject. Please leave a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe we can all learn something?

My question – We all love our own blogs. Right?
But, What makesย a/your blog cool, really cool?

As always.
Love and respect.

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34 thoughts on “How do you rate your blog?”

  1. it’s not so easy to rate my own blog, i just can say what i like in mine..
    i like to share my experience about important things for me (my disease), i learn important things with my disease.
    Life is not so simple as peoples, parents, tv and more try to inculcate.
    Life is for me lots of surprises, life can be so genious as i imagine and more in fact.

    I hope my english is clear enough ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. in fact i started my blog in 2005, it wasn’t for talking bout my disease, it was just for lots of fun on msn webpage for friends.
        and one day i decided to put words on my troubles and all things i discovered.
        Today i’d like to take a more positive way for my blog, i fed up to talking about all the negative things in this world…
        Do you know the kindness blog ? it’s appear in the good way for what i want to do.
        i’ll see

        anyway thanks for you message ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hmm…hard to rate my own blog really. I mean, I spend all this time taking photographs, processing them, maintaining a blog, google+, smugmug, twitter, etc. I hope it’s at least mildly interesting otherwise I’m living in La-la Land lol.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Your bolg is brilliant!
      Love your header and the clean feel.
      1. Did it take you a long time to decide on your look and feel?
      2. What would you say is it’s best quality?

      1. Why thank you! I had another style for awhile but I wanted something to compliment my balloon header, so I kept looking until I found this one. I think it’s best quality is that I try to respond to everyone who posts a comment. I might not follow everyone, but I do comment back. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Yes definitely. I agree completely about the way you respond to your community. Class act, indeed.
        PR – do you know what kind of ratio you spend blogging compared to connecting with others?

      3. I’m so glad I’m doing an ok job of keeping up! I can’t imagine how the big blogs do it! Well I look at it a four-pronged thing…photography, processing photos, blogging and networking. Photography takes the least time, processing takes more than photography, blogging takes the least time, but connecting with others is taking the most. I connect with others on Google+ and Facebook too besides my blog although Facebook is mostly for my friends that I know in my “real life” although there is some blur there. The biggest chunks of time are processing photos and networking. I network constantly.

    2. Absolutely!

      It is always a treat when the big guys respond to comments promptly and with consideration. I honestly don’t know if I could keep up. I wonder if it is a good idea to set some goals based on what can be maintained or not from a time point of view? I think by default we all want millions of views, follows and likes but what kind of sacrifices would we have to make to keep up.

      I can see a similar time pattern with therandomg. My posts are very short and basic, I mean when I have had a little more practice and my writing skills improve, I should be able to bang out a post in minutes and already I find myself quite busy with the social aspects of having a “community”

      A note on how infectious your blog is. After yesterdays visit I found myself spending some time on Google trying to find out the name of the Aloe. Ruth Bancroft Garden โ€“ Monochrome Madness Challenge.

      Thanks for the feedback Laura ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Funny you mention this…I am going to pull back on my blog a bit. It’s too consuming and I’m not balanced in my life. You are right…having likes and follows is wonderful but I’m the type that likes to reciprocate and it’s just not possible with over a thousand followers. This convo came at the right time. You’re welcome and thanks for the reminder to me too.

    3. OK.
      Why not try cutting back on the social stuff for a season? Put a note up saying that you read and appreciate every view or like. But need to focus on the continuation of great content and might not always respond.

      Your popper followers will stick like glue. You might lose a few numbers, guys that benefit from you more than you them.

      Is this the type of thing one would do?

      1. Yes, I’m cutting back….it’s really the interaction on other peoples’ blogs that takes more time than I anticipated. Well, time to post! lol

  3. Hi G,
    I don’t know if I can say that I ‘love’ my blog. I guess on some days I can admire it, other days – not really so much. But what I really truly adore about the blogs of others is when they pour their hearts out, when they are sincere and true. You get to see the individual beauty of others.

    1. Hi Julie.
      Your writing is brilliant!
      That is a very interesting point. I think most bloggers pour themselves into their blogs. That is why this subject grabs me and why everything said here is important.
      I would normally say keep your blog simple. Don’t distract your readers with over the top visuals that compete with your text. But in saying that I look at my blog which is ridiculously branded. The reality is, I didn’t do this for branding purposes but rather for fun.
      I love the spray painted car.
      1. How long do you keep the same header?
      2. I can see you have been at this for a long time. What is your take on site navigation? I have been thinking, how will people find my posts when I have hundreds of articles?
      3. Is the Archives widget the best option?

      1. These are very good questions. I’ve found that readers expect a blog to keep its integrity, like the constancy is comforting. But my blog is rather spartan compared to most. Find what you like the most, something which will keep you motivated, and stick with whatever that is.
        I’ve actually always kept the same header. I keep it (it was taken when I was studying in Berlin) because I want the feel of modernity, that what I write about is relevant today and to everyone. And because I write about love and Love, I don’t want to post warm and fuzzy pictures when I think that reduces both.
        I think the key to people finding your posts among hundreds is the very organized affair of using many tags and hyper categorization. Personally, I don’t tag on most of my posts: I find it a bit fascinating when people stumble upon my site. My blog is so small to most, only 340 followers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi Julie,

      I love the way your site is all about your words. There is no bulldust, just great content. It gives me the impression that you know exactly who you are and what you are doing. That really draws me in. I think it takes huge confidence to put your words out there in such a clean and focused manner.

      Thanks for your take on tags and categories, I am going to do a bit of homework on this and maybe form an opinion via a post or something?

      Personally – I am heading towards 3 main goals for therandomg;
      – Fun
      – Short easy to read and write posts on unusual things
      – Photos

      So thanks for your comment on fun.

      Here is to your next 340

  4. I can’t rate my own blog dude… But if I have to, I’d say, “Meh… Never mind.”
    A few things about my blog:
    My English is plain.
    The best posts are in “Autistic” category.
    I reblog what I like.
    And I share all kinds of posts.
    And I love my blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hi Friend,
      Your blog is great!
      In my opinion your points here are all contributors to the coolness factor.
      I love your new Gravatar, it is awesome. What is your take on the Gravatar? What message do you want yours to portray?

      1. You get an Idea, do it… And also, thinking something out of the box…
        Spontaneous… ๐Ÿ™‚

        What about you mate? What do you say about your blog?

    2. Agreed!
      My Blog still has a way to go, its on the right track but far from the cool I am referring to in this discussion.

      As I interact with the community and see all the wonderful sites I am starting to form a better opinion about what I want G to look and be like.

      1. Looking forward to G’s growth buddy… And the part “You’re forming a better opinion about what you want G to look and be like,” that’s really great… Be at it… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Totally love your Tagline.

      I think the 3 column layout is a great way to show visitors a lot of info fast. Did I read right? Your blog is only a month old?
      “APRIL 2014 IS THE BEGINNING ;)”

      1. G very thanks
        love loved your Kolwezi pink blog
        but you know that!
        all this thingummy is all shiny and new…
        and a little bit scary ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well – I failed english 3 times at school. (OK the last time it was because I fell in love with my english teacher. She was seriously hot – and only 3 years older than me.)
    Anyway – how do I rate my blog?
    Sho – difficult for me because I’m a legend in my own lunch-break. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My hassle, actually, is to focus – I have a number of very diverse and contradicting passions. So right now – I just blog on each area as they come up.
    You – G – have inspired me to get going with a bit more push. So thanks for that buddy!

    1. I found a cool way to avoid failing at school. Walk out, never go back! It worked, I have never failed since.

      “Legend in my own lunch break”. LOL

      One thing I have noticed about your writing, is that no matter how uninterested I my be in the current topic. I always finish reading the article/post. You have got a very interesting way with words.

      What is your take on the social aspects of blogging, in terms of having to interact with followers properly?

      When your traffic starts to really get momentum at what point would you say, “I can’t manage all this”. Do you have any ideas or thought on this?

  6. My blog is just another generic website that reviews anime and niche games. I really should try to improve its plain look, but I’m too lazy haha. On the plus side positing a blog has helped me find like minded people and with my terrible memory it is always nice to have a written record of what things I have played/watched.

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