Branding a WordPress Blog #2 The Gravatar

This is in response to feedback from my post Branding a WordPress Blog. A special thanks to Being Spontaneous and Gazzart for taking the time to give some advice and feedback.

I think I have a winner!
Sorry, I can’t keep it simple! 🙂
I liked the idea of the acronym TRG to shorten The Random G but having 3 letters in an icon that sometimes appears very small makes it impossible to read. So, I had to take the decision to just use the G which is my initial. This has allowed me to still chuck a pretty busy logo together but still have it fairly easy to read. I am glad that I could fit a Cross in. Crosses are cool!

If you read my last article, I mentioned that you should use a transparent .png file which will work well for branding you photos and illustrations.
Here is a photo I took while holding $20 000.  The money is long  gone but I still have the photo 🙂 I have added my Logo to the bottom right corner seems to look pretty good?

Must admit it was pretty cool to have 200 000ZAR in my hand, even though I spent it that same day.

As always
Love and Respect


3 thoughts on “Branding a WordPress Blog #2 The Gravatar”

  1. Thank you gazzart!
    It was a fun project, I got all the components for this from a single vector file. The process involved separating the elements in order to move them and create individual effects to each.

  2. Hey G… G sounds better than TRG and I think I’ve already told you that the current logo is cool.
    And idea of putting your logo at a corner of each photo taken by you sounds good too.

    PS- you need to do a little updating of this post as the url of my blog has changed, 😀

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