The Detox – 18Kgs down and counting.

Tired of being a fat guy, much rather be back to my former self. At 39 I find myself being totally governed by pain. As long as I prove to my kids that the older I get the Better I was. They should still think of me as awesome. What BULLDUST! My kids are not stupid they are watching me and how I live. What kind of example am I setting when I dream of the couch?

The Limitations of Gluttony:
Being short and carrying 135 kilograms is a huge strain. Everything is a mission that involves a certain degree of pain. Trying to maintain a decent level of sanity means that everything I do for fun involves satisfying the need to avoid this pain. By design, I am built for consumption and inefficient rest and degrading fast. The acid in my blood and joints are constantly demanding more and more each day. Gout like flair ups almost every night, rendering me useless and pathetic. How could I go from fighting fit at 25 to this fat slob?

Taking control:
This process is totally governed by the simple management of Pain and Pleasure and I believe some divine enablement. Not sure if I could maintain this without God so I give Him ultimate credit, my results thus far are way above the norm.

It is Thursday afternoon and I have just returned home from my tenth business trip this year and it is only March. Spending half my time in Hotels and guesthouses around Africa is the ultimate excuse to never take control. Not anymore! I greet my wife and kids and go straight to the kitchen and it is cluttered and filled with stuff designed to sustain my condition. No!

It’s time to clean up. I start with my coffee machine, beans and all that kit that takes up a meter of the kitchen counter. I find myself getting excited that things are going to change. I hold on to this feeling for dear life. I start to see the pleasure of change rather than being blinded by the pain. This is fantastic! I shift things around and spring clean the cupboards. My kitchen is now dedicated to flow not clutter. It looks great.

Time for a cleanse:
7 to ten days should do it. I am going to alkalize and energize my system. The process is simple, 3 liters of water a day mixed with Wheat Grass powder, raw almonds and cucumber. I start consuming information on balancing alkaline / acid levels and also the concept of eating living food. The next time I look it has been 10 days and I have successfully lived on less than 1000 calories a day. I feel great! I am totally convinced that this must be the way I was intended to live. I mean, I am actually heading towards Divine Health.

It is now day 31 and I am still living on green powder, nuts and raw veggies.I am currently staying in the Katanga province in Congo and yesterday I walked about 9Kms to get some fresh cabbage, cucumber and carrots. Then in the evening I had so much energy that I went out for a 45 minute walk just to burn off some steam. Life is so full of possibilities when there is energy. I could not have done any of this last month. Crap, this time last month the driveway used to make me sweat.

I am not sure how long I will continue this cleanse for but I am pleased to announce that I haven’t had any flair ups for 2 weeks now and my relationships, work and general well being have never been better.

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope to write more on this journey soon.


11 thoughts on “The Detox – 18Kgs down and counting.”

  1. Such an interesting article especially as we have seen up close the progress that you have made and been so impressed by your self control – especially the Bert’s chops and you still having to cook for Lyndle. We are so proud of you.

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