Hookers” LIPS

Now what kind of questions is a guy asking Google to stumble across this? DODGY G, DODGY!

I would love to have some hooker’s lips around my house,


This is the flower from a tree called Psychotria Elata it is found in tropical rain forests. Common name Hooker’s Lips. Totally awesome!

Psychotria (syn. Cephaelis) is a genus containing some 1900 species[3] within the plant family Rubiaceae. Members of the genus are smallunderstorey trees in tropical forests. The former genus Cephaelis is considered a synomym of Psychotria.

Many species, including Psychotria viridis, produce the psychedelic chemical, dimethyltryptamine (DMT).[4]

Some species are endangered or facing extinction due to deforestation, especially species of central Africa and the Pacific.

(lame wiki quote)

I say “Cool tree! I can dig a hole for one to grow in…”


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