Joseph, home life

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Home life,
Joseph had this extreme knowledge of his calling. Without the help of others.

Personal calling
Vague at first, don’t despise it.
Found through faithfulness.
In line with your gifts.
Found with the help of others
Orchestrated by God

Joseph was a dreamer and this developed into a prophetic gift. do not despise the gifts God put inside you imagine what would have happened if Josephs father and 11 brothers mentored him???

Secure not insecure.
View immaturity as a decipleship opportunity.
Spot the gifting, don’t just think it but say it.

Themes of mentors
Who to share with.
What to share.
How to share with people.
True greatness.
Prepare for a tough road ahead.
Privilege not a right

mentor more now!!!! Be a deciple making mentor.


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One thought on “Joseph, home life”

  1. Just a note that the Word throughout these sessions was quite incredible, so if you require verse references and bible inserts. get off your backside and come to Church

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