Word Conference, Christ Embassy


Your money represents you, your time, your sweat, your time and everything else.

Christians need to be developed. 
Churches need to be developed.
We are going to be growing till Jesus comes.

You can be called as a babe but then you have to take the Word and train so He can approve you and declare you fit. The key to growth is to stay where you are planted.

God has a specific time when a Christian needs to teach someone. Don’t despise small beginnings. Do not be bothered with what others are doing, follow Me.

God raises His children to take responsibility.

The Church is a means to an end, it is where we expand and replicate God’s vision.

Spiritual authority is higher than organizational authority.

3 things that are vital to be a leader

1. Vision. For vision to be bigger than you it needs to be from something bigger than you. God gives provision to the vision. He provides the grace, others can partake in your grace. When a man has 2 visions there is devision.
2. Passion. The driving force behind vision. Psalm 69:9. Passion breaks convenience. God always blesses passionate people. Passion causes delight.
3. Mission. The things we do to fulfill the vision. It’s the action plan. (To win people)

Leaders are proactive. Look out for a need and fix it. know and understand your mission field.

In Christianity there are soldiers and civilians. They have the same roles The difference is passion. The soldier lives to please his commanding officer.

Success is completing what God told you to do. Be a Christian on a mission.


By grace I am what I am…
Posted with my phone.


One thought on “Word Conference, Christ Embassy”

  1. Just a note that the Word throughout these sessions was quite incredible, so if you require verse references and bible inserts. get off your backside and come to Church

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